Privacy. Protection. Act.

ArtFarm presents: Tinnas Enidraj Nimgaj

In this new installation at Halt Container Gallery, the collaborative, ArtFarm introduces Indonesian-born artist Tinnis Enidraj Nimgaj. The exhibit, Privacy. Protection. Act  addresses paradoxical issues of security and comfort. The installation questions choices we make as we exchange information for access. This creates vulnerabilities in an attempt to achieve pleasure, comfort, and security. As we make decisions to reveal aspects of ourselves, the results are not always as satisfying as anticipated. Comfort may not insulate us from anxiety and unease. New experiences may not be worth the price paid.

ArtFarm is a collaborative group whose goal is to elevate the Phoenix artist community by promoting and inspiring artists to excellence. By encouraging creative expression, thoughtful and positive discussion, promoting critical thinking, and examining the questions that shape and inspire Phoenix culture, ArtFarm envisions a world-class and inspired community.

April 17 - May 3, 2015
Exhibition at the Halt Gallery Shipping Container
Opening Reception: April 17 | 6 - 10pm
Closing Reception: May 1 | 6 - 10pm