Nora Hartlaub, Collection, 2014, Breyer model horse, mixed media, dimensions variable

Kid Stuff 

February 20 - March 14, 2015

From climbing trees to shooting hoops, every adult has a favorite childhood pastime. Many adults recall a favorite art project they created in an elementary school classroom while surrounded by paint, glitter, crayons, construction paper, uncooked macaroni noodles, and countless other inexpensive items they were encouraged to use as a part of their works. These early explorations often leave a lasting impression on a young artist, and for some, the fun of artistic expression never ends. Kid Stuff is an exhibition designed to return to the early memories of childhood art by exploring the contemporary use of techniques and materials ordinarily utilized by children.

Ten artists have been selected from all over the country to demonstrate their own use of resources commonly found in, or inspired by, activities in elementary school classrooms. Each artwork has been selected to evoke a different memory from every visitor.  

Exhibiting artists include: Peter Bugg, Mark Creegan, Nora Hartlaub, Sarazen Haile Kokodynsky, Sara Mejia Kriendler, Dan Lam, Talia Levitt, Whitney Lynn, Ryan Peter Miller, and Christina You-sun Park.

Exhibition at the Halt Gallery Shipping Container

Opening Reception: February 20 | 6 - 10pm
Closing Reception: March 6 | 6 - 10pm
Art Detour: March 7-8 | 11am - 5pm