Collected Echoes

Patricia Sannit - Rossitza Todorova

Collected Echoes presents two outstanding artists, Patricia Sannit and Rossitza Todorova who together examine the shared narrative of time.

Patricia Sannit's inventive ceramic installation of the carefully cast, carved, and incised pieces in Collected Echoes evokes a deep sense of cultural, geographic, and historical awareness. Her experience among archaeological sites becomes evident as visitors walk among the historically influenced works while considering the dynamics of culture and the human impact on the landscape.

Rossitza Todorova's stunning works of subtle visual texture and color hint at a pause in time; those indeterminable periods of waiting for important news. Todorova's abstracted forms sit suspended on paper, detached as if poised to float away at any moment. With anticipation and impatience, the works whisper of tension and quiet reserve as time seemingly stands still.

Exhibition at the Halt Gallery Shipping Container
January 16 - February 8, 2015
Photos by Peter Bugg