Danielle Hacche/Jenni Pirmann

Cluster/Scatter surveys the influence of the environment expressed through the use of color and shape by two distinctive artists. The unique results of Danielle Hacche and Jenni Pirmann’s exploration of their surroundings becomes apparent in their imagery, both abstract and figurative, imaginative and evocative.

The works of Danielle Hacche originated with small doodles influenced by the patterns of Pendleton textiles of Portland, and the hues and forms seen in Arizona that she later transformed into the larger complex pieces seen in the exhibition. Hacche’s riveting art interprets her surroundings in a uniquely dimensional nature.

Jenni Pirmann’s response is drawn from her family’s annual beach vacations and the social complexities of sharing ocean front space and photo snapshots with complete strangers; with the uneasy truth that vacation-sharing relatives seldom seen may seem like strangers. Her intriguing technique of using color-blocked shapes influenced by beach snapshots results in works that invoke both humor and a compelling narrative.

Exhibition at Eye Lounge | A Contemporary Art Space
September 20 - October 13, 2013
Photos by Peter Bugg